Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology aims to provide a positive and nurturing experience by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.  The signs and symptoms of pregnancy are different for every woman and no two women will have the same journey through pregnancy and labour, reflexology treatments are individual to you and your needs because you are, an individual.

First Trimester Your body is experiencing several changes, you are producing pregnancy hormones which can make some women feel nauseous, commonly known as ‘morning sickness’ you may also feel more tried than usual. The focus of the treatment during this time is aimed at relaxing you and relieving any nausea.

Second Trimester The nausea you felt during the first trimester may have begun to ease and your appetite will return, you are probably feeling more energetic as well.  You may have started to tell people you are pregnant and will be offered a whole host of advice from family, friends and occasionally from people you hardly know. All this can be confusing and can cause some anxiety, you may be elated one moment and worried the next.  You may also find that because you are so preoccupied with your pregnancy you become forgetful – jokingly known as ‘baby brain’. As well as focusing on relaxing you, I will be paying attention other reflex points. Pancreas reflex ~ to regulate normal secretion and help reduce the likelihood of gestational diabetes
Circulation reflexes ~ to maintain or improve blood pressure Lymphatic system ~ to relieve any water retention you may be experiencing.

Third Trimester By now your body will have changed considerably, you may be experiencing back pain, aching joints, SPD, constipation, heartburn, anxiety and tiredness.  The focus of the sessions during this trimester is relaxation, allowing you to just stop and connect with your body and baby. Circulation and lymphatic reflexes ~ to maintain or improve blood pressure and help with water retention. Digestive reflexes ~ to relieve gastric issues such as heartburn and constipation. Hip and spine reflexes ~ to ease back and hip discomfort. Uterus and Pituitary reflexes ~  performed in the last few weeks of pregnancy in preparation for labour and birth.

NB It is important that you to speak to your Midwife before booking an appointment with me.

Postnatal is a period of enormous change, you will experience an intense range of emotions in the next few months while you adjust to life with your new baby. It can be quite overwhelming at times, don’t worry though, you can do this, you are a great Mum. Enjoy your time with your new baby, believe me, blink and years have flown by so don’t be in a hurry to reach that next milestone. The new Mum’s I have seen at this stage are busy, busy, busy but you need to remember to look after yourself, your baby will benefit from you doing so. Being relaxed is important for your physical, emotional and mental state.

Reflexology can help with postpartum healing, it can balance your hormones, encourage milk production and relieve symptoms of mastitis. If you choose you visit me at my premises you are more than welcome to bring your baby along, sometimes its hard fitting in a shower never mind some ‘me time’, don’t worry I can visit you, this is your time so feel free to stay in your pajamas and please don’t worry about your house, my focus is solely on you. Give yourself some ‘me time’, you deserve it, after all you’re doing the most important job in life, you’re a Mum.