Hayley Sawicki Reflexologist VTCT FHT, mobile Reflexologist based in the village of Sherburn in elmet or if you prefer you can come to my home.

We live in an almost constant world of noise, visual overload, deadlines, worries, distractions and a mass of responsibilities.  Reflexology offers an island in your day where you can just ‘switch off’, allowing you to calm your mind and body so you can return to your busy life revived and rejuvenated.
Anyone can benefit from Reflexology,  it is widely used to support those suffering from a range of conditions such as migraine, anxiety, depression, IBS, fatigue and autoimmune disorders, and can be used safely alongside conventional medical treatments.
Reflexology aims to calm the Sympathetic Nervous System (the flight or fight mode) allowing the Parasympathetic Nervous System (the rest and digest state) to be more dominant.  Switching over to a more relaxed state can have a positive impact on your mood, quality of sleep, lowering stress levels and can help your body to heal itself.
Reflexology is a holistic and unique therapy and should not be confused with a foot massage, it’s so much more.  When giving reflexology, specific pressure techniques are applied by the therapist using their fingers and thumbs.  It is thought the feet mirror the body and by applying pressure to different areas a message is sent to that particular organ or part of the body, these messages encourage your body’s own healing mechanisms, allowing that part of the body to relax and revive itself.
Reflexology positively impacts the whole self.  After just a few sessions I notice my clients are more in tune with their body and will start drinking more water, eating healthier, exercising and generally taking better care of themselves.